Bag Gluing







DRC 300

The Fischbein DRC-300™ Double Roll Closer is a machine specifically designed to seal small ("open mouth") multi-wall paper bags weighing between 5 and 12 kg. The system comes standard with a variable speed drive which allows production rates up to 24 m/minute

PBC 6000

The Fischbein PBC-6000 closing device for "Pinch" bags is a top of the range system that closes a large range of pre-glued paper bags of the multi-layers “pinch” type rapidly and efficiently with a great reliability. The watertight closure obtained with the PBC-6000 makes this machine the ideal solution for food products, mixtures intended for baker’s shops, dry chemical products, fertilizers, pesticides and petfood.

PBC 8000

Operating at speeds up to 45,7 m/min., Fischbein’s cost effective PBC 8000 Series Pinch Bag Closer is specifically engineered for high volume bagging operations that use automated twin bagging systems. Designed for pre-glued, multi-wall, pinch style paper bags, the PBC 8000 delivers a quality seal every time, making it the perfect sift-proof closing solution.