Device placed on a sewing system which sews a label on the bag (before the closing operation), allowing in this way a clear identification of the product. Tags are directly presented into the infeed, depending on the closing system.

Lift Table

The pneumatic revolving lift table is used to palletize loads. It functions independently and does not need a permanent supplying of air.

Connecting Table

Used with the bag kicker.

Trim Removal System

The trim removal system is made up of a metal bin to collect waste of trimmed bags, two air ducts and a vacuum blower unit with dust filter.

Palletizer P500

The machine is used to stack bags of 15-50kg automatically onto a pallet at a maximum speed of 400-500 bags/hour, depending on the type of bag, the height of the pallet and the number of bags per layer.

Key advantages:
- Quick return on investment

- Perfectly designed for low speed lines

- Low cost maintenance

- Easy to use

- Reduced space and volume