Conveyors are a useful complement to your bag closing line. Indeed, this peripheral will support and direct the filled bag from the filling station into the closing machine.


Standard Conveyors

 The standard conveyor is a basic piece of equipment, simple, efficient and easy to install (for small and medium productions).

Fischbein Technical Conveyors

Rugged and strong construction (50kg bags).
Quick and simple adjustment of the bag guides without special tools.

Saxon Conveyors

• They are built to be used in perfect combination with Saxon sealers.
• 2 types: flat or vee track conveyors

Inclined Conveyors (hoppers)

This conveyor brings the closed bags up to the height of the worker’s shoulders. The bags are then easy to pick up to be put on a pallet.
The bag must lay on its larger surface for the transport to the upper level.