Combined Closures


PILS 300

The PILS 300 is a sealing system designed to close pre-glued pinch style paper bags with a poly inner liner. The PILS makes two separate, consecutive closures. First, it seals the bags inner liner. Second, it reactivates the bag’s pre-applied adhesive area and forms a sealed hot-melt closure. By combining two closing processes in a single compact machine, the PILS saves operator time and floorspace. It ensures a perfect, durable, sift-proof bag seal.


Radiant sealer + MUA

Combination of sealing (radiant sealer) and sewing system (MUA).

TOS 3000-SW

The TOS 3000-SW provides multi-wall paper bags with a siftproof sewn closure: it applies a tape over the top and both sides of the sewn line (when installed after a sewing system).

TOS 3000-SL

This single (and simple!) machine provides a double closure (sealing the inner liner and closing the top by applying a tape).

The unit must have an extended infeed with a mandatory bag top trimmer (optional additional airwash).