Industries Served

From our beginnings 100 years ago as a supplier of rebuilt industrial sewing machines, Fischbein has grown to serve diverse international markets in over 170 countries. The cornerstone of the Fischbein tradition has been our focus on meeting the needs of our customers, striving for engineering and manufacturing innovation, and building robust and dependable equipment. Our customers span the globe in industries such as agriculture, animal feed, pet food, chemicals, minerals, pharmaceutical, medical, food and building materials.



We offer a full-range of bag weighing, handling and closing solutions for dry, free-flowing products that include grain, rice, corn, beans, lentils, sugar and specialty seed products.


Animal Feed

Fischbein has semi and fully automated bag packaging and bag closing equipment for a variety of dry and free flowing animal feed products. Our equipment is specifically designed to handle feed products that include granular, pellet, range cubes and sweet feed mixtures.


Pet Food

Fischbein has experience in the pet food industry having developed a full range of semi and fully automatic bag weighing, handling and closing solutions for a variety of dry, free flowing pet food products dog, cat and aviary seed mixes



Concerned about product leakage... Fischbein offers a line of "sift-proof" closing solutions for a variety of granular products that include potash, nitrates, fertilizers and pesticides. We also offer a full range of automated bag weighing and handling systems.



Bagging salt, clay, sand, gravel and metallurgical products... We offer a full range of cost effective closing equipment solutions as well as products to weigh, fill and handle the bags.



Our Saxon Sealer product line offers a full range of hot air and band sealers, including models that incorporate medical validation for closing PE pouches designed to hold various medical and pharmaceutical products.


Building Materials

Fischbein offers several bag packaging and closing solutions for products that include decorative stone, grout/mortar, mulch, wood pellets and more.



Packaging dry food products... We have a full range of semi and fully automated bag weighing, handling and closing equipment that will handle packaging in sizes up to 50Kg bags.