Bagging Scales

Net weigh scale

A leader in large bag weighment applications (20 to 100 pounds) Fischbein-Inglett™ is recognized for its innovative line of diverse bag weighing systems and control applications that meet the highest demand for reliability, performance and accuracy.

Key features that separate Fischbein-Inglett scales from its competitors;

• A unique multi-frame design supports and isolates the scale section from unwanted vibration, resulting increased accuracy.

• Our 8800 series scales maximize weighment speed and accuracy with the use of two bending beam load cells mounted inside sealed, air purged compartments and mechanically dampened by hydraulic dashpots. Additional electronic dampening is provided for with our versatile FASTRAC V™ and FASTRAC P™ scale controller packages.

• Fischbein-Inglett’s automatic calibration system optimizes scale speed and accuracy.

Available in simplex or duplex models, Fischbein-Inglett offers a full-range of heavy-duty, electronic net weigh bagging scales designed to handle a wide variety of product types that include; free flowing, non-free flowing, powder and bulk load applications